15 Minute Grounding Yoga Flow with Ocean View | Yoga With Suzie

Join me on your mat for a 15 minute grounding yoga flow 💙🌊 Lots of poses staying close to the ground, focusing on being rooted and grounded to our surroundings. I was on a cruise ship going through the Bahamas while recording this, and I reallllly miss the view while practicing. Remember, I sometimes take advanced & deeper variations of poses – listen to your body, do what feels best & take any variations I offer or any you would like to. Enjoy loves!

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00:00 intro
00:28 Begin on your back
00:35 Supine Butterfly
02:03 Supine Twist
03:08 Waterfall
03:39 Seated Wide Straddle with Stretches
05:07 Downdog with added Twist
05:50 Modified Lunge
06:49 Crescent
07:07 Warrior 2
07:20 Goddess
07:52 Headstand Play!
08:20 Back to Warrior 2
08:38 Vinyasa
10:57 Malasana
12:00 Half Frog
13:00 Downdog
13:10 Malasana
13:30 Boat
14:00 Bridge
14:40 Knee to Chest
15:25 End in Seat