2 Minute Yoga For Face Glow | Stay Fit With Ramya

Hey fitness lovers! Get excited to watch this special segment on Yoga. We all have different workout exercises to get our muscles in shape. But how often do we take care of our faces?

Here’s the best 2 minute Yoga that can change your perception once for all. Watch me do Yoga with Sarvesh from SARVA Yoga Studios, who teaches me how to get a face glow by doing Yoga.

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  1. Hi mam..ipo Nama skipping jumping jacks la pana breast sag Agatha mam athuku Nama normal zivame bra use pana okay va ila eppadi slugaa

  2. Why noone gives tips to gain weight for skinny girls? We most of us need that too akka.. please upload in that context too

  3. Itha follow panren nalla iruku face shape kuda konjam azhaga agiduchu double chin reduce ana mathiri feel panren… Innum neraya yoga videos podunga thnx in advance😍

  4. Can someone clarify my doubt please !!!!🤗

    By doing the second pose V pose …dragging the eyes down like tat…won't it sag your skin around the eye and the third pose too (squeeze pose)…by doing this by frowing the whole face like this won't it create sagging ……

  5. Vital protein collagen epadi buy panninga in there website no delivery option for india then how can I buy that do some shorts for that Ramya

  6. Question keta rply um pana matanga.. Erunthalum kpom.. "Oru nalaiku how many times do this ramya sis???

  7. I already done so many sarva workshops with sarvesh and mira kapoor but i do not know sarvesh know tamil lang .oh great

  8. 1. Exercise- I was doing in my Social science period.
    2. Exercise – Sometimes I m doing to threat neighbour baby to eat food.
    3. Exercise- I done whenever feel constipation… 😂😂😂😂😂

    Oorla ulla ela medical tips um indha YouTube la dhan ya iruku .. view like lam naraiyadhan varuthu result ah dhan pakamudiyala

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