20 MIN POWER YOGA FLOW To Feel Energised | Full Body Yoga Workout For Strength + Length

In this 20 minute full body power yoga flow we build heat as we strengthen and tone our core, arms, shoulders, legs and spine. This is an intermediate Vinyasa power flow for those that have an existing yoga practice. I hope you enjoy 🥰🥰 If you did please remember to Like + Subscribe to my channel!


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Please consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program. By participating in this exercise/ exercise routine you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself, and agree to release and discharge Tana Yoga from any and all claims or causes of action, known or unknown, arising out of Tana Yoga with Tana’s negligence.


  1. I always thought I couldn't do power yoga but today I did it anyway. This was only my second power flow and my body handled it very well. I never knew my body is this strong. It was very intens for me so for now I'll stick to your "normal" vinyasa flows. However, I'm very proud that I didn't let my head get in the way. My head was saying I couldn't do it but I could. That's all I needed to know. Thank you.

  2. the best power yoga so far ! 🙏🏻 i practice almost every day and i can see improvements in my breath. so thankful you uploaded this 🍀

  3. The practice of yoga gets you so ready for life. It allows you to go through different escenarios in such a short time that you learn how to go with them.

  4. Great flow, but the commentating is a little to late. On the video you are already way far ahead compared to the commentating. Makes it difficult to follow the flow

  5. I haven't really been taking my yoga [practice very seriously recently, but this was a great way to get back into it.
    Thank you for your time and energy, Tana. I really enjoyed this.
    Much love from South Africa <3

  6. wow! loved that! and after so many years of practicing yoga, i learnt for the first time what a "rainbow warrior" is 🙂 loved it!

  7. my first ever yoga flow and i’m obsessed definitely will be checking out other sessions but this is gonna be part of my everyday!

  8. I think this is my fav flow ever for the moment! Here I also realised I'm gaining strenght in the arms, I'm capable of holding the chaturanga a few instants longer before finding upper facing dog 😀 Thank you for your flows Tana, you're awesome<3

  9. This ranks high on the sweat o meter. Could keep up god I dont know where all that perspiration came from. Great work out.

  10. New subscriber here, I love Yoga but it's quite difficult to find a mix of a somewhat grounding and at the same time energizing sequence. 20 minutes is perfect for my tight schedule. Please keep them coming! 💞

  11. Tana, namaste, and gratitude to you for these smart, fun flows, and for the care you take in recording clear audio. Do you do private lessons via zoom? If yes, how may you be reached?

  12. Absolutely loved this Tana! Stuck in hotel quarantine in the UK and this was just what I needed !! Thank you thank you thank you <3 xxx

  13. Thank you so much! Had me sweating a ton just after this 20 minutes! Definitely a good flow but was challenging enough and now I have to shower haha! Thanks 😃

  14. Lovely! To keep me energized, and feel nice and strong. Absolutely a very nice work out! Thank you!!

  15. This was my first time trying an intermediate flow and wow it was awesome I didn't think I would be able to do it but I did. It was challenging but I think im ready for more challenging yoga flows. I think 20 mins was perfect for my first intermediate class.

  16. This was absolutely amazing. I’ve been doing yoga for just under a year now and was looking for new channels to improve my form. I’m so happy I came across this, I’m sweating, I’m panting, but this was wonderful. You’ve got my subscription!

  17. Loved this flow so challenging but in a refreshing way your flows remind me of the hour-long in person pre-COVID classes. This was great Thx Tana 💗

  18. First class I did with you, but not the last! Great class, exciting to discover new poses when you’ve previously followed the same teachers for ages. You got a new sub!

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