30-Minute Vinyasa Yoga Flow with Ashton August 🔥✨(FULL CLASS)

Vinyasa Yoga is the practice of linking breath with motion. For many yoga students, a Vinyasa flow yoga class feels like a moving meditation due to this unwavering focus on the breath.

In this free yoga class, Ashton August will guide you through a short and sweet yet challenging Vinyasa Yoga flow with a consistent focus on the breath and linking each breath with motion.

Warm up with feel-good poses and stretches, then move into Sun Salutations, flowing through Surya Namaskar A and Surya Namaskar B.

After the warm-up, you’ll move into a fun Vinyasa flow with plenty of strength-building poses, challenging variations, and unique transitions.

As always, take breaks and modify as needed. A big thank you to 2nd Wind for making this free yoga video possible!

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  1. my circles were green with some of your blue .. thank you for this beautiful practise! made me strong and focus since the beggining..

  2. Great flow i was able to follow almost all time, i sweat a lot and felt relax, thanks for sharing, namaste

  3. This was my first yoga class and I am hooked! I've been doing this video for 4 months now and have moved onto Ashton's other classes. Love it and love the upper body strength I am building. Thanks for a GREAT yoga flow.

  4. Back to Yoga with Adrienne for me lol way too fast and difficult for middle aged man to with about a year of yoga under his belt.

  5. Dear Aston thank you for this really sweet flow, i like practicing with you <3 , you make it easy to follow, i know this is natural!! thank you keep going on i will follow, happy to find you, love your practice
    "Sofia from thessaloniki greece_

  6. I wanted to enjoy it but she talks and moves too fast that the breath does not match the flow. I feel like she probably edited it and sped up the timing

  7. Lavender circles! Thank you so much for this class – my body feels so relaxed and free! I am ready to tackle the day 🙂

  8. I’ve been on the hunt for a 30-ish minute class that feels like not only workout but also a yoga class…Found it!
    Thank you 🙏🏼

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