Health & Fitness || 5 Minute Yoga for Flat Stomach

Everyone wants to look great but to get there you shouldn’t have to starve yourself or go through unnecessary stress. Here are some ways to achieve a flat stomach by making minor lifestyle changes and practicing a few simple asanas.

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  1. So many people say so many stuff on health and what not…but I never got this fuzzy warm feeling that I got from her ❤️ so much care and affection 💕 makes you compelled to abide 🤗 as if you are my own grandma.. speaking to me ❤️

  2. Sometimes a body will have fat in various areas of the body. It doesn't matter what one eats, how much one exercises or what your weight is.
    I had a double chin and a belly when I was 130 and 220 pounds. It was just smaller when I was 130.

  3. What Is The Timing Of Doing Yoga And Should Yoga Doing In Empty Stomach And Can We Drink Water Before Doing Yoga

  4. Very very well said by the Doctor Hansaraj Ji to youngsters to maintain flat belly, by doing yogasana and brisk walking regularly.

    Flat belly youngsters are more healthy and active and Successful too.

  5. Madam Good evening I am Lakshmi in Mannachanallur I am 68 age I am suffering more than fifty three years many problems I have Michern headache Narves problem My Right leg is poliyo attack knee from padham I have Viricos too Two year back my Brian oppression in Sims MadrasMr Riddish Neurosurgery Coillig method My weight is 77 kg Doctor advice me reduce weight seventeen kg Mostly I take Chappati redrise cvni samai varagu I am couldn't walk more than fifteen minutes two or three days my foot will spelling what's the remedies for me Please consider my request 🙏 Namaskaram Madam Thanks. Good night 🌉🙏🙏

  6. Dr Madam please give some tips for old people who probably can't do tough exercises and yogas as shown in the video.

  7. Mam I am suffering from acute pain on right side of head ear and shoulder for the last one year doctor find nothing what should I do

  8. I am happy listening to grandma's advice. I just finished eating and really feel like lying down but as I remember grandma voice and videos, I have to sit up. I must be a good child ☺️☺️

  9. Wow..The last words she said r very special n soo thoughtful..Be a responsible citizen ..Simply gr8 thought

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