I tried yoga every day for 30 days.

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Yoga is an ancient Indian practice that’s been said to increase mindfulness, flexibility & strength. But how will we know if it’s actually legit until a white 33 year old YouTuber gives it a shot for himself? In this video, I try yoga for 30 days to see if I experience the proclaimed benefits. Will it be something I bring into my daily routine going forward?

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Intermediate yoga lesson:
Yoga Mat:

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Yoga With Adriene:
Adrianna Elizabeth Yoga:
Yoga With Tim:

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  1. Namaste friends! It took me wayyyyy too long to give yoga a try but I'm so glad I did. I've included some links and resources in the description above so if you want to give yoga a shot, I highly recommend you check those out.

    What 30 day experiment do you want me to try next?

  2. You can look up to upayoga by isha foundation ,this is for beginners and 30mins of various practices covers you body mind and energy aspects

  3. It was very refreshing to see a fit guy like you struggle with a side plank (at the beginning). When I started Yoga it was one of the most difficult things for me to do and just recently, I just did it and it wasn't a problem anymore. That felt weird, but also pretty cool. Love that you caught the Yogi Bug 😀

  4. I never liked yoga and would never had done if it werent for my back pain. Now I look forward to it every morning and i cant live without yoga. Love it!

  5. You were made for this Matt. I've been doing yoga for over 23 years and you can naturally execute moderate to advanced asanas with grace and ease. I love that you gave this a 30 day try and loved it. Congratulations.

  6. I'm on month 2 of yoga camp with Adriene. Yoga has changed my life forsure. I still lift weights in the morning but Yoga is the main course forsure

  7. I really like seeing guys doing yoga and not just talking crap about it, so I hope some more are inspired to do it after seeing your video!

  8. First, they laugh at you
    then they criticise you
    then they get jealous of you
    then they follow you

    le Indians: this happens with us all the time

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