Indian Girl Sets new World Record in Yoga

Did you see the girl do the Yoga pose? The name of this Yoga asana is Niralamba Poorna Chakrasana.
The girl is just 11 years old and her name is Riya Paladia. Riya is a gymnastics and yoga practitioner from the village of Gaulapar,Uttarakhand state. She stunned a local crowd with her amazing flexibility and speed, performing the tough Niralamba Poorna Chakrasana yoga position 21 times in one minute. She has created a new world record.

Described as one of the very hardest yoga contortions, the move didn’t seem to pose any problem to the 11-year-old girl who slid on her back with ease before rising up on her feet again, without using her hands as support. It almost looks like she is being pulled up by invisible strings. Most yoga practitioners struggle to pull off the Niralamba Poorna Chakrasana contortion just once in their lives.Riya, whose father runs a general store in their home village, has apparently always had a passion for gymnastics and yoga, and trains hard in both disciplines. She reportedly runs up to 10 km per day, and dreams of one day making the Indian Olympic team.

Her father said “I’m very happy about her achievement and that it was not really difficult for her as she was always fond of gymnastics and yoga,”For her achievement, Riya’s name will now be included in India’s Golden Book of Records.Interestingly, the previous holders of the record for most Niralamba Poorna Chakrasana contortions in one minute have been very young girls as well. In 2017, the record was broken two times, once by a 13-year-old girl who performed the move 15 times in one minute, and again by an 8-year-old who did it 17 times. Riya has really set the bar high this time, though, with her 21 repetitions.

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