1. When I saw this was both a Indian and Chinese movie I almost lost it. I love both cheesy movie genres and them both together was absolutely amazing. The car chase is my favorite part

  2. Not much of a plot. If you like martial arts and lots of unrealistic car stunts you will enjoy this movie.

    Free movie, not complaining. Just prefer movies with more plot/storyline.

  3. I absolutely loved this movie! Very entertaining and funny too. Everything was beautiful about the movie actors, diversity, etc. 🙏🏼

  4. Love the dance sequence at the end that was done really well when I have to admit I really like the little comment Jackie asking lion in the car if he speaks English

  5. I think they ruined the movie with the dance sequence. Should have let the " Indian Dancers" do a TRADITIONAL dance and saved the other one for the blooper reel!

  6. I like Jackie Chan but this is a little too far fetched , and the bad guys are superhuman keep getting devastating blows with no effect , and the good guys are just stupid !

  7. Great movie, if there is another lock down; this goes on the watch list. Gonna watch again even if no lock down Pray there is none; thank the Lord.

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