Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 Pro 16" Product Tour

Unlock pure, unstoppable power with the Yoga Slim 7 Pro. This incredibly compact, ultra-thin laptop packs a 120Hz touchscreen, the advanced architecture of AMD Ryzen 5000H series processors and NVIDIA’s world-beating RTX 3050 graphics. The QHD 16″10 display features 100% sRGB color accuracy and ultra-thin bezels on a huge 16″ screen, giving you some crucial added work space.


  1. My father told me that if I had good marks in 10th grade he'll buy me laptop I'm gonna choose this but I don't know how much it costs so that will be interesting

  2. Lenovo laptops are bad. My Yoga 730 has problems with network connectivity, overheating and battery problems. Unfortunately, I am not the only one having these problems.
    Do yourself a favor and go for another brand. With Lenovo quality is not the main focus.

  3. Do not buy Lenovo laptop by mistake. Have to face a lot of problem Buy another laptop but don't buy Lenovo laptop.

  4. Never ever again. Yoga 730 with i5 and gtx 1050ti – current problems and huge throttling in any scenario where processor and gpu are used both. Had to switch off gpu in bios.

  5. Kitna भी dam laga do we will not buy chinese 😑 we have options like Asus dell hp etc I recommend all Indians to buy Asus .

  6. can we have good good displays on the lenovo Flex series, I mean they don't have to be OLED, or 4k or 120, but less than 98%sRGB is sad.

  7. pls if you launch 2in1 with 120 hz im gonna bawl my eyes out BCS I JUST BOUGHT YOGA 7i 2in1 3 MONTHS AGO KJSDBCKHDSBVHAXBJEWBX i mean imagine 120 hz in 2in1 laptop hhhhhhh thats…. aaaaaaa i thought it'd take 2 years or more before 120hz is available in any laptop:")

  8. When are you going to put a 3050 insida the 14" slim 7 family ? MX450 is not good enauge. ….you need to match Macbook M1-laptops.

  9. i want a 16 or 17" with 50w usb c power or dual 50w simuktaneous charging for a total of 100w so i can use my xiaomi usb c power banks.

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