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The morning and evening tend to be the most power full times energetically to practice yoga. This morning yoga workout will flow through a full body warm up to help you build up a sweat and raise your core temperature gradually before going into some deep stretches along with some strengthening for the abs, glutes, upper body, core and posterior chain.


A well balanced practiced starts slow and calm to help you ground and calm the nervous system. Then slowly helps you to build heat in order to reduce risk of injury during deep stretching. By following this format in today’s video, you’ll feel more confident goind deeper into your poses as you move with precision and awareness, instead of just collapsing mindlessly into joint-offending end ranges.

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  1. I loved the music! I as well love your regular no music videos and the atmosphere that comes with it, especially your jokes XD . But having few more of these, with the music, would be great! Thank you Tim <3

  2. Loved this one so much Tim! The breath cues and music were perfect. Pace was right for me. Appreciate the guides about spinal release and rolling cat and cow from the base of spine first.

  3. Thank you for this class!
    This music is not my thing, so gentle and quiet but still somehow made it difficult to follow and actually focus on the practice through that dreamy vibe.
    Just my feeling!

  4. Great class with a more relaxed & deepened focus than some of the more intense sessions I've done lately.

    I feel a little nervous to say I didn't like the music, as so many others commented they enjoyed it, but that's just me. Normally I play your classes and have a speaker on with my own yoga flow playlist in the background. I like that your lesson audio is usually clear, sometimes with the ocean in the background for a beach sesh (love those), and lets me add in music where I want it. So I guess my take away is – good value added with the music, but please don't add it to all your lessons. thanks!

  5. This is my favorite morning workout flow. The music is sooo relaxing. Been doing this everyday! Thanks, Tim!

  6. Easier flow. Maybe put the word mellow or level 1 in the title. I was looking more for a level 2 today. Still a great flow.

  7. That was a good sweat! Just realized I can do more poses and am more flexible now. More than one year of Yoga with Tim now and I'm surely at a better place! Thank you so much!

  8. Great class yet again! ✨Love the explanations behind the movements…really encourages mindful movement.🧘‍♀️

  9. I loved the class. The pace, sequence and music worked great for me. I will likely do this one again a few times.

  10. Thank you so much, Tim! I feel like my life has changed since I started practicing yoga back in 2020 during quarantine. I found your 30 day- challenge on YouTube and have been following you since. My body became stronger, I feel less stressed. THANK YOU once again for all your work and for giving an opportunity to learn from your videos!!! It means a lot! BTW the music on this video is awesome.

  11. Good morning 😃 thanks for this wonderful morning class Namaste muchas energias a todos 💜🙏

  12. Loved this flow. Although it's called morning flow, I did it mid-afternoon and it got me nice and warmed up, and refreshed for the rest of the day! Thanks Tim! ☀️

  13. Beautiful class. Thank you Tim. Love a gentle but strong morning flow and this really hit the spot. 🙏🏻

  14. Thank you for always explaining in detail the correct form and how to maintain it, it helps a lot, especially if you're a beginner like me. I loved the music!

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