Yoga for immunity | 20 min Yoga Home Practice | yoga for coronavirus recovery | Bharathji

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Boost your Immunity with Regular Practice of yoga for 20 min everyday. This Home practice sequence for daily morning yoga self practice. it helps to get strong to face the today condition of Covid19 pandemic. Yoga for Immunity sequence helps to strength the lungs and mind. Helps to face corona virus fear. Immunity sequence for Cold and cough.
This sequence to make sure everyone can practice yoga at home with limited space and minimum yoga skill. and works for Preventing corona, runny nose, Sneezing, throat pain, Respiratory related problems like Asthma, bronchitis etc.
Its Also good for Impotency, PCOD, PCOS, and many other reproductive related problems.
People with Hunch back, scoliosis, lordosis, stiff back, neck , joints and muscles.
people already faced trauma of covid 19, this yoga for coronavirus recovery helps physically and mentally become strong.

For Regular yoga Practice for beginners :
Indea Yoga Preparatory Practice :
and for advance practice :

for online classes :
for Teacher training :