1. Thank you, Duke & Indy! Next time could you mic the singing bowls? I've had an in-person singing bowls session and the sound is deeply intense. I know it's probably not possible to capture that in a video, but maybe get a little more of the depth of sound with mics?

  2. Such goodness. I grabbed an eye pillow and headphones for the sound bath experience at the end. It was amazing. Duke & Indy, your yoga guidance is getting really good and I also love how real you both are in your own styles and voice. Emma and Elmer are an extra bonus for entertainment and smiles. Peace & love to you all this holiday season. Oh, I also loved and cried when I heard Lesley’s voice offering a quote (something to cherish)

  3. Duke, Indy, thank you for the fun class. I say fun because I literally laughed out loud at Duke’s comment when Emma was threatening the Christmas tree. The sound bath was amazing! Great job all!

  4. wow, may I ask you to invite Cami to do more sound baths for us? The sound bath was magical, I relaxed so much, I was almost sleeping in the end. Thank you all, beautiful people <3

  5. This was really beautiful! Loved the incorporation of the sound bath <3 I feel like Lesley would have loved this too

  6. This was wonderful! Thank you for your continued love and dedication to this channel. Y’all are very appreciated 💕

  7. Thank you for all you two are doing. Leslie would be so proud, as I am. Especially liked the kundalini breath work. Namaste 🙏.

  8. Amazing! great class, quote read by Lesley (which made me cry), and a lovely sound bath. What a neat experience all around. Thank you so much, DD from NH ~hugs

  9. Thank you so so much for this precious live class and soundbath . These live classes are the highlight of the day for me. sending you love light and many blessings.

  10. That was amazing. I liked the practice and I loved the sound bath (never tried one before). Its great practicing with you guys each Sunday. Namaste.

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