Yoga with a Bernese mountain dog part 2

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  1. After watching this video multiple times and others like it, I have come to the conclusion that putting down a yoga or exercise mat is a universal signal to doggos that it is now time to play.

  2. Заведите Бёрнса и вам всегда будет весело!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  3. The health benefits of laughs and energy spent pushing a 100 lbs Bernese more than makes up for the lost yoga time.

  4. You don't need to do yoga when you have a dawggy! You do yoga to relax and unwind and distract you from life, that's the doggy's job anyway! 🤣

  5. No, this is not yoga time, it’s play with Benny time. I have never had a dog who, when I got on the floor didn’t think it was playtime.

  6. Almost 3… hmm means just finishing puppy stage. Although tbh they seem to stay puppy their whole life.

  7. He loves his owner you can tell 🙂. I’m planning on getting my own bermise mountain dog when I get married.

  8. Hey my sunshine to funny
    I think you ware trying to tell your mommy I’m your yoga class today lollll
    I’m so glad to see you healthy and happy with your mommy love you so much

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